Hinged Knee Stabilizer - Rally Active
Hinged Knee Stabilizer - Rally Active
Hinged Knee Stabilizer - Rally Active
Hinged Knee Stabilizer - Rally Active

Hinged Knee Stabilizer

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  • Polyurethane knee brace with nylon stabilizers open at the patella
  • Double nylon stabilizer springs support both sides of the knee
  • Molded gel patella allows for improved tracking
  • Soft flexible secondary sleeve with upper and lower adjustable Velcro straps for improved fit and comfort
  • Provides great support for stiff, weak, unstable or sore knees
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Alleviates pain
  • Reduces swelling
  • Increases mobility
Tracking metal hinge provides flexibility and motion to the knee while preventing over extension

Custom designed with moulded gel to support patellar flexibility. Engineered adjustable Velcro straps at top and bottom, with criss-cross elastic supports to provide individually tailored fit and comfort

Rally Active Forward Supports are a part of your strategy for a healthy lifestyle.

You face challenges. We hear you. Bum knee from high school rugby. Tennis elbow from your weekly game. Aggravated injuries or joint issues can slow down even the most determined individual.

We’ve got the solution to keep you moving.

Our proprietary material is an intelligent blend of activated bamboo charcoal and quality far infrared infused fibres

"Far Infrared Rays”, or FIR, are a form of naturally occurring thermal radiation, used for millennia to combat muscle ache and pain.

Using your body’s own heat, FIR penetrates deep below the skin to muscles and tissues below, gradually raising temperature and activating  water molecules. The Rally Active material optimizes this valuable healing process.

The result can be increased blood flow and an improved supply of oxygenized blood to the affected area, promoting tissue repair, reducing swelling and alleviating pain.

Rally Active Supports work with your body’s natural mechanics to bolster and rehabilitate your muscles and joints.

Think of us as your own personal physical therapist. Except we won’t bill you for every visit!


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